Welcome to the 1st Aerial Battalion!

“First in All Things” is more than our motto - it is the code by which we live. Dogged determination, constant pursuit of Honour, Valor, Victory, and anunrelenting sense of duty toward our squadron mates have helped to shape this squadron into what it is.

We are a squadron that is as much concerned with making connections and friendships between our members as we are with the outcome of any given dogfight or bombing run.  If fun and friendship in the virtual skies over Flanders are what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

We remind you, though, that only the honor- and duty-bound need apply for membership in this "band of brothers" that values its sense of humor almost as much as its sense of responsibility to one another! In omnibus princeps!

Where can you meet us?

We fly a flight simulator of The First World War "RISE OF FLIGHT" - riseofflight.com. You can meet us also on our private TeamSpeak server, address can be found in our forum after registration.

Are you new in flight simulators?

-Then it's just the AB1 squadron you want. 1st Aerial Battalion has experienced pilots, not only in the virtual sky, but maybe a couple of them passed through over your head. We offer a quality educational program based on proven aeroclub training and training received by pilots in the First World War.

However, if you're an experienced pilot, you may develop a spirit of cooperation, or participate in creating tactics.

Looking for a team with whom you can spend your free evenings?

In that case, here you will definitely not suffer. AB1 is in coalition with 1.Pulk Lotniczy (Poland) and SPA124 l'Escadrille Jeanne d'Arc (France) and regularly organize historic missions, in which we try to imitate the harsh realities of fighting over the Western Front.

Would you like to improve your English or French? Then here you have the unique opportunity.

See you in the sky! Salute!