The following may be bestowed upon any member of AB1 for acts deemed to further the Commonwealth.

Mention-in-Dispatches (MID)

Mention-in-Dispatches, the oldest form of commendation in the British forces, recognizes noteworthy actions and good service by all ranks. While no medal is awarded, a bronze oak leaf is worn on the campaign medal by the recipient, or where no campaign medal is awarded the collar of the dress uniform. MIDs are also published in the London Gazette. Officers and Warrant Officers of 1st Aerial Battalion are awarded by this commendation for brave acts and courage shown during flight.

Military Cross (MC) -RFC

Instituted in 1915, the Military Cross is awarded to Officers and Warrant Officers of the British Army for "distinguished and meritorious service in battle". A silver bar is worn on the ribbon for multiple awards.

Pilots of the RFC are awarded by this medal for an active service in the 1st Aerial Battalion followed by regular attendance in flight operations, bravery and honor demonstrated towards the Entente.

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) -RNAS

The Distinguished Service Cross, instituted in 1901, is awarded to Officers and Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy for "meritorious or distinguished service before the enemy" and is of equal value to the Military Cross. A silver bar is worn on the ribbon for multiple awards.

Pilots of the RNAS are awarded by this medal for gallantry during aerial operations*. There are no specific requirements to obtain the Distinguished Service Cross. The HQ will decide to give this award to pilots who bravely fought against the enemy and demonstrated honor towards the Entente.

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

The The Distinguished Flying Cross is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force and other services, and formerly to officers of other Commonwealth countries, for "an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the enemy".

DFC can be awarded to a steady, rock solid, dependable pilot, or one who has shown noticeable growth and improvement over a period of time. To those who start to get consistent kills, or who are able to navigate to targets which the enemy does not expect, who have become a better pilot that makes them dependable.

A silver bar is worn on the ribbon for aerial achievements and promotion of the squad mirrored in RoF Leaderboards, like multiple enemies downed without the awarded pilot being killed (also known as streak) or personal skill leading to assignment in any other Leaderboards.

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

The Distinguished Service Order, open to officers of all services, was awarded from 1886 for "distinguished services during active operations against the enemy." From 1917 this specifically required action under fire. The order is generally given to officers in command above the rank of Flight Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant and awards to ranks below this are usually for a high degree of gallantry just short of deserving the Victoria Cross.

Officers and Warrant Officers of the 1st Aerial Battalion can be awarded by DSO for doing ones duties in an exemplary way, making plans for the battles, taking command, doing so well when the leaders get netted out, or just being very good at recruiting new talent and helping said new talent improve, even if you are not the best fighter jock in the squad is reason for a DSO.

Victoria Cross (VC)

The Victoria Cross is Britain's highest military honour. First instituted by Queen Victoria during the Crimean War in 1856, the VC is awarded for  "most conspicuous bravery, or some daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice, or extreme devotion to duty in the presence of the enemy." The bronze cross is cast from Russian guns captured at Sevastapol. In the century and a half since its creation, 1 351 have been awarded and only three bars.

Fighter and Bomber Pilot's Badge (FAR/BAR)

Fighter and Bomber Pilot's Badges are awarded to Officers of 1st Aerial Battalion by Training Officers. Owner of this medal is a skilled fighter or bomber pilot prepared for air raids far above the enemy territory.

This medal is being awarded to a pilot having five missions where he took off, reached objective and made it home alive in tournament matches. The awarded pilots do not need to succeed at the mission objective, just make it to the objective and return. The FAR/BAR is awarded for flying as a Fighter Pilot or Bomber Pilot.

Medal for The First Aerial Achievement (FF/BF)

Fighter pilots are awarded with this medal after they obtained their first confirmed kill, bomber pilots after they destroyed their first ground target with bomb in aerial operations announced by the HQ.

Personal Commendations (VM)

AB1Vasek's Medal is given to officers of 1st Aerial Battalion, Alliance squadrons and mercenary pilots who shot down AB1 Training Officer twice in a row in one on one dogfight, with gentle pass and with any allied fighter aircraft of pilot's choice.

*aerial operations - operations announced by HQ of the 1st Aerial Battalion.


Military Cross (MC) -RFC

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) -RNAS

Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)

Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

Victoria Cross (VC)

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