1st Aerial Battalion, or AB1, was founded on December 15, 2004, and while one of the newer squadrons among the ranks of Red Baron 3D, it has not failed to produce the accompanying insanity and disturbing attitude this game is famous for.

The first Commanding Officer of AB1 was Major Reaper. However, after his leave from the Army in spring 2005, Major Vicar fully substituted his position. It was in July, when Vicar created the first forum and AB1 participated its first tournaments.

Vicar's Squadron Blog

Originally, AB1 was only RFC. RNAS was created a month later, contained only a few pilots. But when Beaver Bombers came (Cameljock, Phule, Darin Mason), RNAS grew up to a strong wing. It can be told that The RFC were mainly fighter pilots, whereas most of the bombers were in the RNAS.

RNAS Enters The Fray