Becoming a member of the 1st Aerial Battalion

Joining a squadron allows you to participate in organised community events within a team. It helps to build long-lasting friendships within an environment of belonging and good spirit, serving to meet your needs in any way possible. A squad will look out for you in a server, be there for a laugh, or build on your flying skills - whichever you need the most at any given time.

AB1 would not be in existence today without the perseverance and support each member has given to the squad (as well as each other) throughout our time in the community. When we say a "band of brothers", we mean it, and welcome any flyer, new or old, to become one of us.

If you are at all interested in joining an online squadron, 1st Aerial Battalion is more than happy to accommodate you. Please read the Statutes of the 1st Aerial Battalion (PDF) before proceeding to the sign-up form.