1st Aerial Battalion & SPA124 HQ (Page 1, 44 photographs)

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A Postcard from Filescamp Ferme.

AB1 getting ready for take off, waiting till Cameljock gets his machine into the air.

The Blue flight is rolling! Led by AB1Salak, following are Cadets Thomsen and Filip.

Yellow flight is rolling and getting into the cold autumn air. SPA124 DKE is following us.

Three yellow S.E.Va consisting of AB1Vasek, AB1Leon and AB1Richard are forming up with our CO.

City of Arras in sight! The squadron is slowly climbing, the target area is not far!

Do you like the beautiful weather? The pilots don't! They are closing to the dangerous no man's land!

Still above the friendly territory, watching the lovely autumn colors of fields and trees, wings of AB1 make them scary!

Passing an allied observation balloon!

AB1Salak, flight leader of the Blue group, protecting his Squadron Commander.

Crossing the lines: Cameljock, Vasek, Salak, Thomsen, Leon, Richard, Filip, SPA124 DKE

Does Cameljock have a reason to feel unsafe?

The rear gunner.

Cameljock and his crew, with AB1Vasek's flight in the background.

A German observer has spotted the enemy! First explosions of the German artillery welcome us!

From the trenches.

The Blue guys - AB1Salak, AB1Thomsen and AB1Filip escorting our Handley Page 0/400.

AB1Vasek's personal S.E.Va - looks dangerous?! On your six it does! :-)

Bombs away, a German camp in flames! Let's turn round now before the enemy fighters come!

AB1Leon, AB1Vasek and AB1Richard providing a safe path back home to Cameljock's machine.

FL Handley Page 0/400, 6x S.E.Va and one SPAD XIII from SPA124, flown by their CO - Dark Eyes!

AB1Richard above Arras.

The two flight leaders - Vasek and Salak on their way back to the home base.

A photo of Cameljock landing on Filescamp take by a British camera-man.

The yellow flight with a SPAD XIII approaching the aerodrome.

AB1Salak landing as the first of our fighters, on three points. Mission successful man!

Our Handley Page taxing on the airfield, Vasek's flight waiting in the air.

Thomsen and Filip also safely landed on Filescamp, immediately after Salak.

Taxing to the hangars.

AB1's back! Thomsen, Filip and Salak (FL) in blue AB1 colors.

Vasek observing the complicated situation at the hangars :)

Vasek still has a lot of fuel, doesn't want to land with it so quickly!

The Commanding and Training Officers.

Is there a place for landing?

Lining up to a row.

Lined up, SPA124 DKE with his SPAD XIII in the foreground.

Thomsen, Filip, Salak, yellow Richard and Cameljock.

All pilots participating this mission: Thomsen, Filip, Salak, Cameljock, Richard, Leon, Vasek and DKE from SPA124.

The guy in the observation balloon is having fun..

And now something for Cameljock, didn't he have 50th birthday recently?!

Nobody could not notice that our squadron is back and celebrating :-)

Heads up guys.

Happy 50th birthday Cameljock!!!

Thank you for watching and a big SALUTE! from the 1st Aerial Battalion and SPA124!

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