Battle of St. Mihiel

1st Aerial Battalion, Long Muffetees & 310th Aero

FSL Richard and WO Filip taking off from Rosieres, FL Leon with Cadet Honza warming up their engines

Squadron Commander Vasek on a reconnaissance patrol deep in the enemy territory

FL Leon guarding the no man's land in his S.E.Va

FSL Richard and FC Cameljock on their way to an enemy target

FC Cameljock bombing a German camp and anti-aircraft artilery

Above a factory at Rosieres, Cadet Standa watching incoming DFW C.V in collaboration with WO Thomsen

A German train under fire

A pair of German bombers warming up their engines and being disrupted by Spad 13 flown by AB1Vasek

Sqn. Commander Vasek and FL Leon spotted an aircraft far above the enemy lines!

German artillery under attack! Breguet 14 flown by a pilot from Long Muffetees

Pfalz D.IIIa climbing at Thiaucourt

Albatros D.III trying to intercept Vasek's Breguet 14

FL Leon protecting a French bomber, Fokker Dr.I is in flames!

The same Breguet after another attack by an Albatros, pilot is death and a Dreidecker falling down in the background.

Vasek and Honza in a Breguet 14 searching for a German convoy

WO Filip above St. Mihiel

Death of a British pilot. Picture sent to the HQ by a German soldier.

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