Magic moments from year 2012

1st Aerial Battalion over the Western front

Goran, Richard and Vasek on Les Hellequins - Offensive Patrol near Douai

Our victim :P

Vasek and Goran in Nieuports N.17 hiding in the clouds

Lark, Richard and Vasek heading towards a german factory

Evenings patrol over France

Cadet Jon and Vasek heavily damaged enemy Albatros and escorted him home.

Suddenly he aimed on Vasek with a gun!

A revenge had to follow - Richard shot him up to pieces!

Jon on a patrol.

With Richard on The Syndicate server, from Vaseks camera, in D.H.2

A rainy day. Richard and Vasek after a sortie hiding their planes to a hangar.

Papouchek on a patrol, getting ready his over-wing machine gun, you will need it! :o)

September's Examinations and Papouchek's Camel on finals at home base :D

This also happened during examinations! Richard and Papouchek: spin in a formation!

On The Syndicate server, Papouchek in Nieuport N.17 shooting down a German Brandennburg!

Here is the last picture, Vasek and Papouchek after a long sortie, before landing. S!

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