Squadron Structure

An explanation of our ethics, ranking and award systems can be found here, as well other points of note in the working of the squadron.

Statutes of the 1st Aerial Battalion (PDF)


RNAS 1 & RFC 1

As you could notice in roster, AB1 has been divided into RNAS 1 and RFC 1 Squadron. Once Cadets are promoted to rank of Warrant Officer, they can decide which squad they want to join. RFC is supposed to be American/Canadian, RNAS is European.

Alliance AB1/SPA124

1st Aerial Battalion (AB1) is a member of an alliance of two online squadrons. Together we form up a huge bunch of fighter and bomber pilots. Once a week we hold a historical match, where we fly against each other and shape up our tactic that we use against enemy. We enjoy fun and spend a lot of time flying together.

SPA124 l’Escadrille Jeanne d’Arc

Guys from SPA124 are our good old friends. Since May 2005 we have been flying together in various tournaments. We had a lot of fun in Red Baron 3D where we also won several tourneys. We must admit that we were very lucky that we met such a band of brothers. SPA124 is strictly French squadron.

Home base of SPA124 is located at http://spa124.com.